About us

Welcome at Agriturismo to Centro Ippico della Berardenga

Not very snobbish, but very professional, the Center was recommended by Ian Stark.

Sadio and Donatella personally assist and receive their guests and riders. They have managed the Equestrian Center since 1992, affiliated with F.I.S.E. (Italian equestrian sports federation-FEI), and the certified organic farm with its farm.

They have transformed their passion for animals and nature into a professional activity by creating their Horse Riding Centre with an Organic farmhouse in an uncontaminated valley of Chianti reserved for you and the horses.

The Berardenga horse riding centre is most importantly a place for meeting people who share this passion.
We look at living together  in harmony with humans, animals and the earth.

Their professionalism comes from their experience of around twenty years in the field of horse riding, with work experience in Italy and Europe and numerous licenses for this work, making Donatella a highly qualified teacher and sensitive to the needs of the students.

In reality we are also two people who have put into practice the belief that you can make horses work and at the same time give them a daily life that includes life in the pasture with other horses, respect for the “union” timetable, even if this means refusing customers and being able to say: “In my next life, I would like to be born at the Berardenga Equestrian Center”.

We are a small family run agriturism business. We believe that we can improve the world starting with small steps. Sometimes not everything is perfect – but remember we are only human.

Dear friends, we made a dream come true.
We have created an environment for horses and riders where both receive our full attention.
A place for those seeking more then just a human interaction. Here we give preference to animal and human relations and to the nature of the global market. A place where ethic and organic sustainability are part of daily life.
We have realized our dream for working and respecting horses and their intrinsic needs, providing a dignified life, at pasture when possible and a loving home for their later years.