The Trekking

Horse trekking in Tuscany

We organize Trekking for individuals and groups in Tuscany.

For the moment we have active programs in the areas listed below, but every day we explore a new territory that we can offer you. What you can read are some of the proposals that we have already made, day or multi-day excursions to immerse yourself in landscapes that are rarely visible from traditional road routes, surrounded by nature and by the characteristic villages of Tuscany.

1 day trekking


1 day with a picnic

From the history of the Etruscans to the sharecropping of recent times, of nature and the landscape.   Rolling hills and landscapes that take you to Arceno, a centuries old property, where you breathe in history and beauty.  In the heart of Tuscany in the Sienese Chianti area, between Florence and Siena, that extends for more than a thousand hectares.
Arceno was partly reborn in the 90’s thanks to a restoration plan conceived by enlightened entrepreneurs.  The recuperation of the territory was then realized, in part,  from the second half of the ’90’s until today.
The property presents architectural works of particular value among which is the historical villa from the 16th century which is annexed to the Romantic Park and the St. John’s Chapel.   
The park and the two tree-lined avenues with their double line of cypresses are protected by law given their great value and uncommon beauty, in particular the richness and age of the flora existing in the park, the small lake and the picturesque aspect of the two cypress avenues.
The latter intersect at right angles indicating the scenic access to the country Villa.
Here, if the riders like,  it is possible to have a tasting of Chianti Classico without  a prior booking.
We arrive at the Etruscan site of Campi, where we have the picnic.   The view is magnificent, spreading  over 360° from Monti del Chianti to Siena, to Monte Amiata  
On our return, we again pass part of the Arceno estate.


1 day with a picnic

We leave from the Centre with the lorry and from Monteriggioni we travel along the stupendous route of the Via Francigena (Pilgrim’s Way) towards Siena, making a ring from the Chiocciola Castle, to the Villa, to the drained Lake, where we can enthusiastically have a long gallop on the soft cover of grass, taking us back to Monteriggioni, where a late picnic awaits us under the famous ringed city walls.


1 day with a picnic

The village of Rapale hasn’t undergone tourist development, it moves us with its remains almost intact as in the past centuries, so is the emotion of entering the town through the gate of the old ringed walls.   Like the Gods of Olympus, below us you can see in the distance the human bustle.  After the picnic we return through the dream hamlet and the Valdambra.


1 day with a picnic

Passing the abandoned Ombrone Mill, we go up towards the Felsina Farm, with its well looked after vineyards and olive groves. Sometimes we stop for a wine tasting and a visit of the cellar.  The town is visible in the distance, then we go down into the Malena valley passing through the very old holm-oak wood, and then on towards the Pacina Farm to meet our friends Giovanna and Stefano who produce a bio-dynamic wine,  which is made of history and passion and who give us a  guided visit and wine tasting.  After the picnic,  in the afternoon the woods, the vineyards, and the magnificent restored farmhouses await us.

2 day trekking


2 day

Here is our classical ride of 2 days where we let you know the Sienese Chianti area and part of the Crete area, two days not to be missed.


2 day

A panoramic two-day trip along the crest that divides Chianti from Valdarno.  Overnight in agriturisms.

4 day trekking


4 day

The itinerary covers the routes, castles and farms that in the past were the country residences of the nobility and which were the food support for the city of Siena, a fascinating  route.

5 day trekking


5 day

A jump back into the past, a very special route where everything concludes the last day, with a visit to the Brunelleschi dome in the distance.  A slow route, like the riders and carriages used to move in times gone by, but one that satisfies all the senses.